Facts About Online Casino Slots Payouts

Every single online casino offers their own level of slot payouts. This is generally kept above a minimum, as prescribed by the actual licensing agency of every online casino. Those who wish to make sure they join up with the most lucrative casino possible, as these are where the money can be won.

Slot payouts are generally calculated by way of a percentage. The percentage is based on how much money is drawn in. For instance, if a casino pays out 80%, it pays out 80% of the money it draws in. For every $1 played in that particular slot, $0.80 will be paid out. Conversely, $800 will be paid out if $1,000 is wagered.

Some casinos will show exactly how much money is being paid out, while other casinos will generally keep this information private. In order to get this information, you will have to actually visit a third party -specifically, the licensing agency. Otherwise you can contact the casino’s customer service department and hope for the best.

The facts about online casinos tell us that they currently pay at least 90% of the money they draw in. This is generally higher, with some casinos even paying 98% or even more. All online casinos aim to be more generous than a live casino, so easy money can be own by way of these online gaming centers.


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