FACT: Kentucky Wildcats Even Money To Win 2015 NCAA Tournament, Finish Undefeated

2015 NCAA TournamentNow that the conference tournaments have all played out and the 14 champions step onto the dance floor which is the 2015 NCAA Tournament, sportsbooks everywhere have set the odds for each team to win it all. Bovada’s online sportsbook leads the charge with the most current and prevalent lines as we take a look at this year’s top contenders to take home the crown.

The basketball futures section of the sportsbook sees the most action at this time before the games begin. The top five picks with the strongest odds to win it all check in with no surprises to tip things off. Kentucky is seeking to be the first undefeated team to win the tournament since the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers with an absolutely stunning 11/10 odds resulting in online sportsbook payouts equal to $1.10 profit for every $1 wagered. This shows bettors and sportsbooks confidence that the Wildcats have what it takes to finish the job with some of the most favorable odds seen in recent memory. There will only be a profit of $0.10 for every dollar wagered on the juggernaut should they indeed win it all.

Checking in at #2 on the list is another breed of Wildcat from Arizona at 8 to 1 odds. The University of Arizona is hailed by many to be the team set to knock off Kentucky in this year’s tournament as a number 2 seed. Tied with Arizona at 8/1 odds are the mighty Wisconsin Badgers also hoping to derail Kentucky’s chances although they will have to contend with Arizona first while being placed in the same region.

In third place on Bovada’s list of odds to win the NCAA Tournament are the impressive #1 seed Duke Blue Devils. Although they finished the season with a loss to Notre Dame, they remain a prime candidate for taking the crown at 9/1 odds. Trailing the Blue Devils at 11/1 odds is the unlikely yet deserving #1 seed Villanova. A remarkable season has many believing them to be the team to watch however shocked to garner a 1 seed placing.

Further into the pack lie less likely candidates with more enticing betting odds for scoring a big payout. Notre Dame has surprised many this year with their on-court success and are listed at 25/1 as a number 3 seed. $20 on the Irish would reap a $500 reward for those who bet on ND luck. Perhaps the most intriguing set of odds are the ones attributed to the Georgetown Hoyas as a #4 seed. If you want the facts about gambling, this team has disrespected despite their success and chime in with a whopping 100/1 odds even though they are seeded so high. $20 on this long shot would bring in a couple thousand dollars of winnings and it’s one we think is worth taking.

Visit Bovada To Bet On The NCAA TournamentBottoming out the list are the lowly teams who are just happy to have joined in on the big dance. There are a total of 10 teams all with 1000/1 odds to win the entire tournament as no one better than a #15 seed exists in this bottom tier of unknown teams. Oregon is the only well-known team with at least a small chance of upsetting the brackets as a number 8 seed placed in the bottom of the barrel among 13’s, and 12’s. The Duck’s chances to win are set at 300/1 odds.

Although futures remain a popular betting format for the NCAA tournament, basketball fans all across the nation are able to put their filled out brackets down from time to time and bet one game at a time. The best USA sportsbooks have begun placing individual lines up for the games sorted by date and folks everywhere are chomping at the bit to see the first spreads and moneylines on display.

March always brings Madness with the NCAA tournament as online sportsbooks all across the USA brace themselves for one of the largest waves of legal online sports betting in America begins to crest and hit with fast-paced betting action.

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