Sports Betting Outside Of Nevada

The industry of sports gambling in the United States is heavily intertwined with the federal laws in the state. Federal laws have been written surrounding sports betting, and players will encounter these in a very round about way. We are here to show you the facts about gambling related to sports betting.

There is one major law that has covered the industry of sports gambling – the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Commonly referred to as the PASPA, this law has actually made it so no sportsbooks can actually be authorized by the states. The PASPA has authorized only a few states to offer sports betting businesses.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection act has made it so only four states can authorize sportsbooks, as they were “grandfathered” into the law. These states include Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. To date, only Montana has really taken advantage of this, as has Delaware – though they have done so on a limited basis.

Under the PASPA, the states that are capable of offering sports betting can only actually offer the betting schemes that they had previously offered prior to the passing of the PASPA. As such, some states have limited availability. For instance, Delaware can only offer sports betting based on three game NFL parlays.

Until the PASPA is repealed, no other state can offer a sports gambling option. Whether or not this would also cover intrastate online sports gambling is totally unknown.

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